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What is Marriage Coaching and how can it benefit your marriage?

At Broken For Better, we understand the intricacies of relationships and are dedicated to helping couples build stronger, more fulfilling marriages. Marriage coaching is a specialized form of guidance designed to enhance and strengthen marital relationships. 

This collaborative process involves a trained coach working with couples to identify challenges, improve communication, and develop strategies for a healthier partnership. The benefits of marriage coaching lie in its ability to provide a neutral and supportive space for couples to explore and overcome obstacles. Through tailored techniques and insights, couples gain valuable tools to build resilience, deepen emotional intimacy, and navigate the complexities of married life more effectively, ultimately fostering a stronger and more fulfilling union.

In person and virtual options available.

Why Choose Broken for Better?

  • Expert Guidance: Certified marriage coaches Kurt and Denette Schaer, with nearly 30 years of marriage and 20 years of helping families, have succeeded in helping many couples get back on track.
  • Tailored Approach: No two relationships are the same. Our coaching is personalized to suit the dynamics and aspirations of your marriage.
  • Effective Communication: Learn the art of communication that fosters understanding, empathy, and a deeper connection with your partner.
  • Conflict Resolution: Navigate conflicts in a healthy way, turning challenges into opportunities for growth
  • Infidelity: Restoring and repairing relationships after both infidelity and significant trauma
  • Family Dynamics: Helping couples navigate and address damaging and addictive behaviors within the family unit

LIVE Virtual Group Coaching

  • Monthly group sessions with Kurt and Denette where you’ll receive practical tools to enhance your relationship
  • Access to past video archives so you can watch on your time
  • Live Q+A held at the end of each session
  • Safe and confidential group
With any gift of $50 a month or more you will become a Stronger Supporter and be invited to join this monthly coaching group. Save your space below and we’ll send you a private link! 

Private Coaching Packages 

  • Tailored packages crafted to achieve your relationship’s desired outcomes
  • Exclusive one-on-one or couple sessions with Kurt and Denette Schaer
  • Administering services such as pre-martial counseling, marriage mediation, marriage coaching, & more
  • Supporting relationships in healing and restoration after the experience of infidelity
  • Immediate access into our monthly virtual coaching group
  • Access to past video archives so you can watch on your time
  • Exclusive insights into upcoming couples events & outings 

Proficient in coaching couples through: trauma(through infidelity), intimacy, finances, dating, trust, abuse(emotional/verbal), conflict-resolution, communication, accountability, & more

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