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10 months

We are so blessed at all God is doing.  The support of so many has allowed us to do some amazing things.  7 camp scholarships as well as now 3 college scholarships, and we truly believe we are just getting started.  It has been the faithful support that has allowed to to continue Logan’s legacy in a way that is changing the lives of those in this area.  We are continuing to pray God allows us opportunities to restore hope through truth and love.

I want to invite you to “Talk about it Tuesday”.  It will be a Facebook live event that gives an amazing updates on Dee and I.  We want to discuss what God is doing in us, as well as what He is doing through the ministry He has given us.  Tune in 8pm, August 23rd, on Facebook.

It is with extreme sadness that we announce the passing of Logan Schaer. Logan was a bright light in his community. His impact was immensely felt and his smile and love of others will be deeply missed. Logan touched the lives of so many at his church, in school and all around his community. His contagious joy lit up any room he walked in to. Logan was only 17 years old, yet he had a unique gift to make everyone he was around, young and old, feel genuinely seen, known and loved.

Logan just graduated high school and was getting ready to begin attending LifeChurch College, where he was ready to commit his entire life to the service of others as a minister. He was following the same calling as his parents who have also committed their lives to serving their community and the world through vocational ministry.

Logan was a gift to everyone he came in contact with and it’s our turn to give back to his family in their time of need. We are raising money to cover the costs of the funeral, memorial services and expenses for Logan’s family, as this passing was completely unexpected. Any excess money will be given the the Logan Schaer Scholarship fund to help other students who want to attend college with the purpose of committing their lives to the service of others through vocational ministry. Help us grow his impact together more than he ever could alone.


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